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Labour Party whistleblowers: Mark Lewis appears on BBC News and Sky News

Mark Lewis, Partner and Head of Reputation Management and Media at Patron Law, appeared on BBC News and Sky News on Sunday 14th July 2019, in relation to the legal action between whistleblowing former employees of the Labour Party, and the Labour Party.

Sam Matthews and Louise Withers-Green, previously employed by the party within its disciplinary investigations team, gave their accounts of how the party had handled investigations into antisemitism within the party membership on BBC’s Panorama on Wednesday 10th July 2019. The defamation action being brought by Mr Matthews and Ms Withers-Green stems from subsequent allegations by individuals and organisations associated with the Labour Party leadership that they had given false accounts in the television programme.

Mark Lewis was also quoted in the leading story on the front page of The Observer.

Mark said “access to justice means that people have to be able to defend their reputations and seek vindication when libels are published against them. No Win No Fee agreements help to level the playing field. “


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