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The aviation industry is a multi-faceted market and our clients in this sector are as wide ranging as the issues on which we are regularly called upon to advise.

Our extensive knowledge and understanding of the aviation industry and the legal and regulatory framework that governs it enables us to act on behalf of commercial operators, airports, manufacturers, suppliers, financiers and debt and equity finance advising on all manner of legal, regulatory, commercial and safety matters.

A large number of our cases concern aviation finance. We have significant experience in handling complex aviation transactions, dealing with disputes arising out of operating and finance leases or termination of leases, structuring the finance for new or used commercial aircraft, managing claims or drafting commercial agreements.  We have particular experience in dealing with cross border issues, disputes and transactions that arise out of the international nature of the aviation industry and how it is regulated.

Solution focused, we work with our clients in the industry to broker the best outcomes, whatever the challenge or issue applying our legal expertise in a commercial and pragmatic manner whatever the matter, whether regulatory or commercial.

Our specialist team can support you across a range of insurance and liability, commercial and contractual related aviation matters.

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