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14 Sep
Are verbal agreements legally enforceable? It is a common misconception that verbal agreements hold no legal weight and therefore cannot be enforced but, this is not necessarily the case. The ideal situation is that there is a written agreement as this helps to manage the expectations of parties involved and provides a reference point in the event of a dispute. However, it is common that parties make verbal agreements, by telephone or in person. In such instances it is possible that it can be enforced in a Court of law. Key Elements The enforceability of a verbal agreement hinges on
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18 Aug
Perhaps you find yourself in a situation where you have successfully obtained a County Court Judgment in relation to a debt, but the debtor persists in failing to comply with the Judgment. There are several ways to enforce a money Judgment; this article shall focus on an Order for Sale.   What is an Order for Sale? An Order for Sale is a Court Order which compels the sale of a property to satisfy a debt. It is often used when a debtor fails to settle their financial obligations, and the Court intervenes to facilitate the sale of the debtor’s
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10 Nov
Patron Law are delighted to announce the strengthening of its Commercial law offering with the addition of Ilana Saltzman. Ilana is a commercial lawyer who enjoys advising on the legal aspects of commercial transactions and day to day business operations. She has a particular interest and expertise in commercial contracts, collaborations and strategic alliances, brand and technology development and licensing, franchising, distribution, advertising and marketing, sponsorship, data protection and privacy, and retail and consumer protection. She previously spent over 20 years with international law firm Baker McKenzie, initially in their Melbourne office and then in London, where she specialised in
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13 Apr
If you feel you have suffered a financial shortfall due to negligence or lack of care from an accountant, then you may be entitled to pursue a claim and sue your accountant for negligence. Accountants are highly skilled professionals within the financial industry who are expected to provide their clients with a duty of care and responsibility whilst carrying out work on their behalf. We understand that whilst accountants are typically meticulous in their work, mistakes can happen that may result in a financial loss or legal implications for their clients. If you believe your accountant has made a mistake
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29 Mar
Japanese knotweed has been a nuisance both in real terms, and at law for some years now.  Our attitudes have however been able to change due to increased knowledge and awareness. Surveyors are still expected to be fully aware of the nuisance weed when inspecting properties, and despite a more holistic approach now being taken in respect of the management of Japanese knotweed, surveyors must still ensure that their surveys are not subject to a professional negligence claim. The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) have recently published updated guidance in relation to Japanese knotweed which is effective from March
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8 Dec
Following the recent cyber-attack on the IT systems of the conveyancing group, Simplify (which includes conveyancing firms, Premier Property Lawyers (My Home Move), JS Law, DC Law and Advantage Property Lawyers), we have received enquiries from clients wishing to instruct us to take over their property transactions. We would like to reassure our clients that Patron Law has capacity to assist those wishing to change their conveyancer/solicitor. We pride ourselves on our impeccable service levels and we shall endeavour to turn around your transaction as efficiently as possible during this difficult time. The Council of Licenced Conveyers (CLC), which regulates
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