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Estate administration in the event of a death can vary enormously, depending on the financial and family circumstances of the deceased, the terms of the will, and how much of the work the executors and administrators are willing or able to carry out themselves.

Our probate and estate lawyers help reduce the administrative burden of dealing with the estate of a loved one and sensitively advise on the key decisions that need to be taken throughout the process.

We act on behalf of individuals and families domiciled in the UK or abroad to administer both simple and complex estates and unlock difficult inheritance and Trust disputes in accordance with the deceased’s wishes or the intestacy rules, whichever is applicable.

Our lawyers will help explain how a person’s estate will pass (under the terms of his or her Will or the rules of intestacy). They will guide those concerned through the process of determining the value of the estate, settling the tax position and paying any Inheritance Tax and supporting any administrator or executor in the distribution of the person’s estate.

Our probate and estate administration is designed to respond flexibly to each specific situation with care and sensitivity to guide you through every aspect of the probate process from asset distribution to tax planning.

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