Dispute Resolution

We advance your aims, while preserving your reputation

Dispute Resolution

Our work starts when yours has effectively had to stop. Disputes will arise in every field: personal, professional and commercial. Our role is to guide our clients to find the quickest, safest route to dispute resolution while minimising risk and safeguarding reputations and assets.

Our experienced Dispute Resolution team handle complex matters with tact and diplomacy, whomever they are dealing with, wherever in the world, whether the dispute is over property, injury, contracts, wills and trusts, or professional services that fall short of expected delivery.

We will always be your strongest advocates, protecting your interests vigorously. However, taking an issue to court is not always the best or right option for you or your business. If we can avoid expensive litigation, whether by alternative dispute resolution, commercial mediation, adjudication or expert determination, then this will be the method we use.

Nonetheless, if these approaches are not appropriate for your particular case, and court is the only option, then we have extensive experience using the courts at all levels.