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Employment Lawyers

Our goal is to provide the guidance, leadership and reassurance that individuals and businesses need in complex or sensitive employment, partnership, LLP and shareholder matters, particularly where the stakes are high.

Our specialist employment lawyers bring a depth of experience combined with excellent commercial acumen to help solve both contentious and non-contentious employment issues whenever they may arise, whatever the working relationship.

We are acutely aware that employment disputes not only cost money but risk reputations and above all are a huge distraction. Our approach is always to look for creative solutions that minimise the impact of disputes on individuals and businesses. If necessary, we can quickly assemble multi-disciplinary and multi-jurisdictional teams to understand and align diverse priorities in order to achieve the most positive outcome for you or your business.

Employment Advice for Employers
Employment Advice for Employees

How to Get in Contact

We can assist wherever you are based. We can arrange an online or in person meeting where suitable.
To speak to our specialist lawyers, please call +44 203 841 7470 or email samantha.jolliffe@patronlaw.co.uk for more information.

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