Professional Negligence Claim Against Architects

An architect who is negligent, can cost their clients’ money.

Professional Negligence Claim Against Architects

Property owners will often use architects when developing both residential and commercial properties.  An architect who is negligent, can cost their clients’ money.

Architects are highly qualified individuals, and if they do not offer competent advice, you may be entitled to compensation if you have suffered a loss because of their wrongdoing.

In some extreme circumstances, poor advice from an architect, may lead to a building having to be demolished, or significant additional costs may be incurred in order to rectify the situation.  This could of course have a significant financial impact on you, through no fault of your own.

How can we help you?

Our professional negligence Solicitors are able to work closely with our real estate and residential property teams to give you the best advice where a claim against an architect arises.

We will make an initial assessment of your claim and will advise you as to what your options may be.  We may recommend taking advice from a barrister at an early stage so that you are given the best advice at the earliest opportunity.

Examples of negligence

Architects can be in breach of their professional duties in the following situations:

  • A failure to project manage to an adequate level of skill
  • Non-compliance with building regulation requirements
  • Omitting key measurements and calculations from drawings
  • Planning permission not being obtained where they agreed to obtain it
  • Poor or lack of advice in respect of drawings and plans.

Where you feel that you have been the victim of professional negligence, you may wish to consider making a complaint to the architect, or their practice in the first instance.  A complaints and dispute resolution service is also available via the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

If you make a complaint and the matter remains unresolved, and if there are grounds for a professional negligence claim, then we may be able to assist.


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