Right To Light Compensation

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Right To Light Compensation

A right to light arises if someone has enjoyed uninterrupted light through an opening for more than 20 years.  The light will have been ‘enjoyed’ openly, without consent, without threat and without interruption.  In some instances, new buildings can enjoy a right to light by way of an implied or express grant.

Our specialist property litigation team are here to help you, should you be faced with the prospect of a development affecting your current property.

In some instances, the developers will contact the existing property owners within the vicinity of the proposed new development, and will offer compensation packages prior to the development going ahead.  Sometimes, developers will simply proceed without ensuring that they are adhering to the correct procedure pursuant to the Prescription Act 1832, and by failing to carry out an adequate risk assessment of the chances of claims being made against them.

The specialist right to light claim Solicitors at Patron Law work with industry experts to ensure that you will receive the maximum amount of compensation.  A right to light only has to affect one room in your property.  Whether you are a residential or commercial property owner, we are to offer advice and to ensure that you achieve the maximum amount of compensation possible.


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