Reputation Management and Media

Safeguarding reputations in turbulent times

Reputation Management and Media

Social Media has not changed the law, not yet at least but it has irreversibly changed the concept of reputation management. It is as many have found to their cost, a medium that can both build and destroy reputations.

Everybody is now a publisher. Unhampered by the shackles of an editor or advice on what may or may not constitute a defamatory or libelous remark, ordinary people are exposing themselves to greater risk of litigation than ever before, whether that is being brought by them or against them.

At Patron Law, we regard our role as advisory; proactively working with our clients whether private individuals or those in the public eye to prevent threats from developing into more serious harm for individuals or companies. Our team of specialist lawyers always seeks to find a practical solution to reputational issues, using the law as a tool to achieve the best outcome for the client.

Our Reputation and Privacy team, headed by experienced and highly regarded defamation and privacy lawyer, Mark Lewis advise a very broad spectrum of clients on issues affecting their reputation and privacy. Mark has successfully brought and won some of the most prominent privacy, libel and defamation actions in recent years,

Operating at the highest level of discretion, our work helps to proactively protect both personal and corporate reputations whatever the sensitivity of the issue. Obtaining the right advice at the right time can mitigate risk and minimise potential damage in this fast moving and complex environment and preventing unlawful and potentially life changing damage.

Our approach is to listen to what you want as an outcome whether for you personally, or for your business and to take the necessary steps to resolve matters, whether that is through a negotiated settlement or robust legal action.

All of our teams work closely together to provide a seamless service particularly where localised threats can rapidly create wider personal and professional problems and to avert crises before they occur.

If you’re looking for confidential advice and assistance whatever the matter however sensitive you’ll want us on your side.