Property Disputes

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Property Disputes

Our commercial property dispute Solicitors are here to help you with a range of matters.

We can act for landlords or tenants in a variety of commercial property disputes.  Our team will always aim to offer commercially sound advice.

Which types of disputes can we help you with?

Lease renewal applications

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, there may be occasions where a lease renewal application becomes necessary. Our team can advise you depending on whether you as a landlord wish to renew the lease, or whether you wish to develop the property and therefore need to oppose a renewal of a lease.

Our expert team are here to guide you through the process required by the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954.  Our dispute resolution team will collaborate with the transactional team to ensure a smooth process where the drafting and negotiating of lease renewal terms are required.

Commercial rent arrears

If you are a landlord who seeks help in recouping unpaid rent, we are here to help you with your options against your tenant.  We will review your situation and advise you on the options available to you in respect of the arrears.   We can work with bailiffs should the need arise.  Your options could include a possession claim or, if you wish to take a sterner approach, we can advise you on options such as serving a statutory demand.

Service Charge arrears

All too often, service charges can be disputed, and if left unrecovered, substantial sums can quickly accrue. The team can assist you with any disputes in relation to service charges and will discuss the options on offer to recover the outstanding sums, or, if you are a tenant, we can review the service charges and advise if there is any reason to dispute the same.

Forfeiture and relief from forfeiture

A landlord can forfeit (end) a lease prior to its expiry, if the tenant is in breach of their covenants.  As the landlord, you must ensure that you have not waived your right to forfeit the lease, and our team can help you to check your position prior to serving the appropriate Section 146 Notice and issuing the relevant Court proceedings, or before you take steps to peaceably re-enter the premises.

If you are a tenant, and find yourself in receipt of forfeiture proceedings, we may be able to help you with relief from forfeiture and we will help you to consider the options available to you.

Breach of covenants

Covenants and obligations under a lease can all too often be breached.  We regularly advise landlords upon what action they can take in respect of a variety of breaches.  We will work with you in order to try to remedy to breach.  We understand that it may not always be commercially sensible to take court action, so we aim to work with you to give you the advice which suits your circumstances.

As a landlord, you will always want to protect your asset, so the physical state of the property at the end of the lease is important.  We will help to guide you through the process, ensuring that the property is repaired/reinstated to a satisfactory standard, or ensure that you are adequately compensated in the absence of the repair/reinstatement work taking place.

We are able to work with industry experts in property surveying, who will ensure that you are left in the best position .

Right to light compensation

Right to light claims arise where an existing property has enjoyed their right to light for a specified period, and this subsequently becomes affected by a new development nearby.  Our specialist team works with industry experts, and we will help you to obtain the correct amount of compensation.

Areas of focus

  • Lease renewal applications
  • Commercial rent arrears
  • Service charge arrears
  • Forfeiture and relief from forfeiture
  • Breach of covenants
  • Right to light compensation

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  • Dispute resolution

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