Family Law

Supporting individuals and families through uncertain times

Family Law

Families are changing in profound ways. The law is perhaps slower than is ideal in responding to these changes, so it is more important than ever that individuals, couples and families understand the legal and financial implications of their circumstances when entering into relationships, during the relationship and in the event of a family or relationship breakdown.

Our family lawyers advise on all aspects of family law, acting on behalf of individuals, professionals, business owners and high net worth individuals. Many of our clients have significant wealth and assets, as well as complex financial or domestic arrangements.  Planning for the future can start today, and our specialist team has extensive experience in guiding individuals and families throughout the generational lifecycle.

Our experience stretches across all manner of family and financial situations to cases involving complex trusts, overseas assets, children or businesses abroad, complicated tax arrangements and inherited wealth. Added complexity and significant wealth often gives rise to more contentious disputes. We recognise the importance of using the most expedient and appropriate method of dispute resolution, where possible using mediation, collaborative law or arbitration as an alternative to court proceedings.

We treat each case uniquely. Our approach, like our advice is informed by good judgement and years of experience, delivered sensitively with discretion and rooted in a firm belief that nearly all cases benefit from constructive dialogue.

When a relationship or a marriage breaks down, it can have huge financial and emotional implications. Ever more so where children are involved. We understand the need to put the children’s welfare front and centre. We work with families to resolve disputes quickly and wherever possible amicably, to arrive at outcomes that limit the distress for all concerned and create opportunities for parents to support each other and the children, as they move forward into the future.

Whatever your family situation, whether you are seeking to reach and structure an agreement as a couple with respect to your finances, outside of marriage or to safeguard individual assets. Or if you are looking for a more formal cohabitation, pre or post nuptial agreement to settle what will happen to your assets in the event of a divorce, we help you secure the best outcome for your individual situation.