Medical Cannabis

Anticipating Change. Understanding complexity

Medical Cannabis

Understanding and navigating complex national and international laws and regulations governing the cannabis industry requires specialist knowledge.

Our unique links with Israel and other emerging overseas cannabis markets have supported the growth of this specialist area of expertise within Patron Law.

We advise both domestic and overseas clients on a variety of matters across M&A, financing and joint venture transactions; corporate; public law and health; life sciences and commercialisation and licensing, including being able to guide clients through the process of having a cannabis-based medicine approved by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) for use in the UK.

Our clients look to us for expert advice in identifying risks and preparing for the plethora of business opportunities emerging from the global relaxation of rules governing this highly-controlled and regulated but fast evolving industry.

According to the United Nations in 2018, the UK is currently the largest exporter of medicinal cannabis in the world.  Our government’s softening stance on medicinal cannabis could see a comprehensive shift in policy and with it a world of business opportunity across the supply chain open up.

At the same time, changes are happening in other key markets. Israel occupies a significant position at the very forefront of global technological and scientific leadership in the development of medical cannabis. And, with Federal prohibition in the USA looking ever more likely to end, the global market is entering a period of tremendous change; enormous potential and excellent investment opportunities.

Our clients in the UK and overseas are seeking to capitalise on the growing business and investment opportunities in this increasingly competitive and fast-moving industry. We can help you too.