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Whether you are an entrepreneur starting a business in the UK or a family moving to the UK, whether for work, study or family reasons, navigating the UK’s immigration law and tax system can be hugely complicated.

At Patron Law, we are experienced in advising on all aspects of UK immigration and nationality law. Our clients include high net worth individuals and their families, global corporations transferring employees here or running sponsorship management system and investors opening business in the UK.

Our specialist team assists with any number of immigration related legal and financial matters. From applying and securing visas; including extensive experience of UK Tier 1 visa preparation; securing applications to enter or remain in the UK to obtaining permanent residence and British Citizenship, from the simplest to the most complex of cases.

Relocation inevitably involves substantial tax planning for non-UK domiciliaries; our specialist immigration lawyers can also advise or assist with efficient tax structuring and other issues related to moving to and living in the UK.

Our immigration solutions are tailored to each individual set of circumstances with a high degree of discretion and sensitivity.

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